Thursday, May 30, 2013

A story about a dog who inspires me.

True story.

This is another old one, drawn in 2009 and then for some reason never scanned. Since then Lulu has survived surgery, cancer and an infection in her eye. She inspires me every day.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I serve on the board of Fearless Nation PTSD Support, a great nonprofit helping people to overcome and recover from some of the worst psychological traumas you could imagine. It's a struggle, not just for the people with PTSD but also to spread the message to everyone else. I think that if people could see others' trauma more clearly, they would understand it better. Alas, that's not always the case.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maine Comic Arts Festival this weekend!

Clear your weekend schedule, New England! This Sunday, May 19, is the fifth annual Maine Comic Arts Festival. The fine folks at Casablanca Comics do an absolutely incredible job putting this show on every year and it's always a total blast.

The great Jeff Smith (Bone, Rasl) is the lead guest this year, which is about as awesome as it gets. Other guests include Raina Telgemeier, Sean Murphy, Brian Wood, Rick Parker and a boatload of other great cartoonists and writers. There will be books for both adults and kids and (if previous years are any indication) some great panels and related events.

I'll be there for the fourth year in a row, selling copies of my latest mini-comic, as well as my older mini-comics, my out-of-print books, some original artwork and sketch cards, a zine or two, and even some merchandize.

MECAF has been my only book signing venue since moving to Maine six years ago. So don't miss out -- come by the show, say hi, and get exposed to a ton of great artwork and storytelling. What could be better?